Vernon Woolen Then Vernon Woolen Now
This is how Peter Dobson's west mill and canal, built in 1826, looked in the late 1800's or early 1900's. This is how the same location appears today. Without the dam, the canal bed is dry. This photo, looking west, was taken from from near the location of the old dam, shown in the photos below. The ruins of the old dam are behind and to the left of the camera.

Vernon Woolen Then
These are the remains of the old dam on the north side of the river. The view is to the east (upstream), the river has passed through the narrow gorge and flows along to the right.

Vernon Woolen Now
This shows the location of the old dam looking from the east, looking downstream. The area in the box illustrates the location of the dam, and some of the stones and boulders from from which it was constructed are still lying around. The canal entrance is to the right. The water level would have been much higher here when the dam existed, and the rock ledge in the forground would have been a under water.