GPS Coordinates

Here are the locations I have posted so far. I will add more as time dictates. I also plan to re-take the present day pictures in the winter.
These coordinates are based on the readings of my personal GPS device and are in the WGS 84 (NAD 83)coordinate datum.



GPS Coordinates

Vernon Depot Water Tank
Vernon Depot Water Tank Ruins

Water Tank Site

N41° 49.335 / W072° 28.765. Ten concrete footings arranged in a grid are all that's left. There would have been 12 originally. The 2 on the south side gone. Big trees grow through through the middle of all this.
Vernon Depot Turntable Ruins

Turntable Pit Site

N41° 49.333 / W072° 28.790. You really don't need GPS to find this because the area has been cleared and there are picnic tables nearby. It is just northeast of the visitors shelter.
Vernon Depot Signal Tower
Vernon Depot Signal Tower Ruins

Signal Tower Site

N41° 49.387 / W072° 29.183. Its crumbling foundation on the embankment is what remains. This is about 300 feet west of Washington Street on the north side of the trail. Present day photo taken from the north looking back towards the railbed.
Club House
Club House shanty present day

Club House Block Shanty Site

N41° 48.167 / W072° 26.932. Look for the concrete culvert headwall. You can see the top of it just beyond the base of the signal tower in the picture. The clearing in the background adjacent to the tracks was a man made pond that no longer exists. Coordinates for its dam ruins are below.
Bolton Lodge Dam Ruins

Club House / Bolton Lodge Pond Dam Site

N41° 48.353 / W072° 26.880. Be advised that the land adjacent to the right-of-way is posted private property. The west end of the dam ruins can be observed on the east side from the Rail Trail from these coordinates.


Vernon Railroading Pictures

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